CST Tilting Triple Prism

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  • 1 x CST tilting triple prism assembly
  • 3 x 62mm sealed prisms 
  • 1 x Target plate 
  • 1 x Red soft carrying case
  • Standard 5/8" thread


  • Made from orange polycarbonate with metal inserts and an aluminum yoke
  • Holds one to three prisms, is compatible with most screw-in prisms:
    • Standard - 0 and -30 mm prism offset
    • Nodal - 0 and -40 mm prism offset
  • Peep sight for pointing the holder, perfect for longer distances
  • 97 mm H.T
  • Comes with three sealed copper 62 mm prisms 
  • Weighs 2.70 lb (1.23 kg)

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