Leica MS50 Robotic MultiStation

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  • MS50 MultiStation w/Hard Case
  • Radio Handle - RH16 LR Bluetooth
  • 2 x GEB242 batteries
  • 4 Bank Battery Charger GLK221 
  • 360 Leica GRZ4 Prism
  • CS15 Controller w/LR Bluetooth & pole bracket


  • 1" Accuracy / 1mm EDM
  • Scan - 1000 points per second
  • Power Search
  • SmartWorx Viva Full
  • SmartWorx Viva TS Imaging License
  • 2 onboard keypads full VGA touch displays
  • CS15 Apps
    • SmartWorx Viva Full
    • SmartWorx Viva CS Imaging License
    • CS Reference Line app
    • SmartWorx Viva CS DTM Stakeout app.
    • SmartWorx Viva CS Traverse app.

Our guarantee

This Instrument comes with a 14 day return policy, as well as a 90 day repair warranty. 


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