SECO Dual Grad (2.6m/8.5') Carbon Fiber Prism Pole

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  • SECO (2.6m/8.5') Carbon Fiber Prism Pole - grads direct for135 mm prism height


    • These carbon fiber telescoping poles are graduated to read direct for a 135 mm prism height
    • Adapters will achieve other prism heights
    • Features include a stainless steel pin which locks the inner pole
    • Holes are spaced every 0.5 ft
    • Poles include the popular TLV™ lock which has a 40-minute vial built-in
    • Inner poles have dual graduations: centimeters and 0.01 ft
    • Collapse to 4.97 ft (1.52 m) and extend to 8.53 ft (2.60 m)
    • Weighs 2.30 lb (1.04 kg)


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