SECO 360° Leica-style Mini Prism Set with 4 Section Pole

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  • Mini 360 Prism Kit - 360 Leica-style 360 mini Prism, four 30cm extensions, Carrying Case, Ceiling hook, Sliding Circular Vial, “U” Bracket


  • Compatible with Leica instruments and offsets
  • Prism accuracy <5 seconds
  • Prism Offset +30 mm
  • Sliding Circular Vial, sensitivity 40 minutes
  • Includes a strong metal “U” Bracket to add strength to the pole connections, placed between any section or point. This U Bracket must be used to prevent adhesive breakdown on the prism points.
  • Includes instruction document with assembly heights.
  • Includes four 30cm extensions with 5cm point, 1/4-20 threads
  • Carrying Case Included
  • Ceiling hook included

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