Trimble SX10 1" Robotic Scanner Total Station

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  • 1 x Trimble SX10
  • 2 x Trimble rechargeable batteries 
  • 1 x Dual bay charger
  • 1 x Yellow Hard case
  • Includes a 3 month warranty.


    • 1" Accuracy
    • 5,500m prism mode
    • DR range of 800m (to White Card)
    • Band scanning using rotating prism in telescope at 26.6 kHz
    • 360° x 300° FOV

      Our guarantee

      This instrument has been professionally calibrated with certificate and is in full working order, as well as great cosmetic condition. 

      This unit comes with a 14 day return policy, as well as a 90 day repair warranty. 

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